21. I noticed that in your service offerings you list Mid-Outage Assessment interviews. Do you have examples of interview questions or an example of how those are usually scheduled?

Absolutely! Examples of both are included at the links below.  The itinerary is provided in advance to serve as the master interview schedule.  The Outage Assessment Plan consists of a series of questions that may be highly pertinent to each person.  Notice that the assessment interviews include a wide cross-section of outage team members from both owner and contractor.  The data from the responses is analyzed by the O I C Outage Team, and an overall assessment report is issued.  The Outage Assessement report will include a list of things that appear to be going well and things requiring further attention.   The report will also include O I C Outage Team recommendations.
View this Example Outage Assessment Plan
View this Example Outage Assessment Itinerary