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O I C Outage: Outage Team Excellence

Alliance Strategies to Optimize Unit Availability & Reliability

  • Controlling Scope
  • Ensuring Quality
  • Promoting Safety
  • Exceeding Schedule Targets
  • Building and Developing the "Larger" Outage Team

The Outage Management Game has Changed. Now more than ever there is the essential need for Asset Owners, Plant Management, and the Primary Contractors who hire the Craft Labor to work together as one team...in a deliberate, focused, and aligned manner.

Dwindling Resources, Rising costs, Shrinking Labor Pool, all driven by the economics of getting a unit back on-line as quickly as possible compels those responsible for Outage Management to make the shift to creating Operational Alliances and Working Partnerships with Primary Vendors and Service Providers.  

So what needs to happen for that to take place? To start...it means:


In other words...it’s about Change:

  • Changing Habits…
  • Shifting Beliefs…
  • Responding to Different Expectations…
  • Trying Out New Behaviors…

And making the move from strictly Low-Cost/ Fixed Bids and an Us/Them working relationship to a Joint Alliance and Partnering Delivering:

  • Shared Knowledge
  • Shared Planning
  • Shared Contractual Understandings
  • Shared Responsibilities
  • Shared Accountabilities
  • Shared Results and Benefits

All adding up to the proverbial Win-Win!

The consultants and facilitators of the O I C Outage Group work with your Outage Team throughout the Alliance Building Process.

The O I C Outage Group Process…

  • Initial contact and conversations to discuss specifics
  • Site visit to discuss outcomes, desired results, and next steps
  • In-person interviews with key participants
  • Design & Delivery of Teaming and Alliance sessions
  • Appropriate follow-up, communication and support during Outage including ‘On-Track’ and Review meetings
  • Design and Delivery of the Debrief and Lessons Learned session

Contact Jonathan Golding to discuss strategies and solutions

Email:  Jonathan@oicgroup.com

Phone: 978.808.1910